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Warchant.com - Contact Us

Contact information for Warchant.com

For customer service issues, subscriptions, billing info., etc. please go to the Warchant.com Customer Support page.

Warchant.com customer Support - Email support@warchant.com. Please DO NOT contact us regarding subscription cancellation. That is handled entirely by Rivals.com Customer Support. IMPORTANT: PLEASE GIVE US YOUR USERNAME! This is the ONLY way we can look up your account.

Message Boards - Email moderators@warchant.com for questions, disputes, complaints or to contact the moderators. You can also interact directly on the message boards by clicking the message icon on the top right.

Technical Support - Email support@warchant.com or go to the Technical Support Forum (best for tech questions related to the message boards)

Contact Rivals - Rivals Help Forum

Warchant.com Staff Directory

* Please do NOT send us emails with sports questions, message board disputes or customer service issues. Those are better handled at one of the above emails or via the Warchant.com Customer Support page.

gene@warchant.com - Gene Williams, Warchant.com Founder and Administrator

ira@warchant.com - Ira Schoffel, Warchant.com Managing Editor

michael@warchant.com - Michael Langston, Warchant.com Recruiting Analyst

corey@warchant.com - Corey Clark, Warchant.com Senior Writer

aslan@warchant.com - Aslan Hajivandi, Director of digital media

terry@warchant.com - Terry Clark, lead moderator and customer support